La Sala l'ànima de la cabana

The Room, located in the heart of La Cabana, is conceived as a large volume that integrates different atmospheres designed to quietly enjoy a meal with exclusive attention.

Restaurant Menu
Panoràmica De Catalunya

This room has a space that has been projected towards the interior to be able to offer diners an intimate experience, as well as an area enveloped by large windows that unite the interior space with the exterior, creating a personal and unique atmosphere. The wide versatility of this space allows the creation of new volumes, separated by warm wooden sheets, which humanize and bring privacy to the room.

Un espai Agradable i acollidor

La Cabana team has created a very pleasant space, respectful of the restaurant’s philosophy, which invites you to taste the gastronomic creations of Jordi Badia’s kitchen, either in the form of a la carte, seasonal menu or daily menu.